CV Hans Koch

Hans Koch is founder and managing director of COACH BV.With his background in cognitive psychology, psychology and organisational behaviour he has done extensive research into complex processes of management and the influence of organisational culture and management drives in work satisfaction levels. An expert in the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in organisational change, he is starting up PhD research in this field, focussing on the deficit between educational supply vs. the market and/or student demand.His many years of experience in group therapy in psychiatric/detention settings form the basis for his work as organisational consultant and senior trainer/coach. More than thirty years of experience combined with sharp analytical skills and vision, exceeded only by his capacity for empowerment and organisational empathy, guarantee multi-level awareness and development.Specialismen:The point of departure for all our coaching/counselling and training activities lies at the deep psycho/neurological levels that underlie observable layers such as environment, behaviour and skills. COACH BV takes its clients to the ´heart of the matter´, zooming in on levels such as attitude, stimulating and inhibitory beliefs, underlying values, identity and spirituality (Dilts, Bateson).